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WORKERS COMP SECRETS will course correct your workers comp insurance program. Most importantly, it will save your company money. How? It only takes 2 to 6 points to make a significant difference in your workers comp premium. This book explains insider tips and tricks to help you lower your workers comp premiums by repairing your experience modification factor, the most important factor affecting your company's premium.

What's an experience modification factor?

And how it affects your premium... for years!

Monitor and closeout claims quicker!

Get employees back in half the time and reduce claims cost by up to 70%.

How to get the best rates?

Cheatsheet to what insurance carriers are REALLY looking for.

What you'll learn?

So, How Do You Lower (AKA Save MONEY) On Your Work Comp Premium?

Workers' comp costs have always been the bain of business owners' existence, but with rates increasing at a record pace, now more than ever you need to keep those premiums under control.

Learn Insider info, like...

The single most important factor in lowering your premium.
Who are the shadowy figures that control your ex-mod?
Secrets to monitoring and closing out claims faster.
How to negotiate reserves.
Why you need a return-to-work program
How a few changes can save you thousands... imagine what you can do with that extra money!

This book is your competitive advantage!

Your savings playbook!

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“I had no idea what was going on with my comp rates – I hate to say it, I didn’t even know what an Ex-Mod was. Andrew not only explained the issues, but he also put me on a path to success.

David M.

Comp Confidential gives us peace of mind knowing we’ve got the best coverage to protect our employees and our business. They worked their tales off to lower our experience mod and get us on the right track with our work comp costs!

Richelle S.

“I saved over $8,000 on my insurance policy and you guys found a gap in my previous coverage. So stoked that I found you guys. Thanks Andrew for all your hard work and for answering all of my questions.

Justin Schmitz

“The experience was one of the easiest parts of setting up our business and we got the exact coverage that suited our needs!


“When other insurance companies wouldn’t consider covering us for a variety of different reasons, they alone worked hard to find unique coverage options that fit my personal business needs.

Hannah M.


Your savings playbook

Grab a Copy


Your savings playbook

Grab a Copy